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  • 1Feeling gratitude or sympathy; moved.

    ‘the star said he was ‘very touched’ to receive his medal’
    • ‘The times I saw him with Uncle Joe, I couldn't help feeling touched by his effort.’
    • ‘Despite the loss, Morariu, who is now in full remission, was touched by the rousing ovation she received.’
    • ‘I have noticed people seem to be genuinely touched by your music.’
    • ‘Prudie feels certain they will be touched to learn of your feelings.’
    • ‘A compassionate journalist on the train, touched by her plight, covers her fare.’
    • ‘Annabelle was deeply touched at his unselfish avowal of where his first duty lay.’
    • ‘Clearly touched by the R150000 gift Mandela said he was overwhelmed by the generosity of people in the country.’
    • ‘Gold uses this zeitgeist moment to introduce several people touched by it.’
    • ‘His family have been touched by them all.’
    • ‘There was a genuine concern in Kerrison's voice and Jonathan was touched by the sincerity.’
    • ‘Thanks for reading and I hope you are all touched from my account of bullying.’
    • ‘My friends and I were deeply touched by Lydia's plight and wanted to do something to help her.’
    • ‘And once more I am profoundly touched and humbled by the evidence of the human spirit writ large.’
    • ‘Everyone who met the children was touched.’
    • ‘Cox said he has been touched by the military's gratitude and takes great pride in helping protect other service members.’
    • ‘I sincerely hope that everyone touched by this tragedy can begin to find peace now that the trial is over.’
    • ‘Relatives have been touched by this issue.’
    • ‘She hadn't anticipated being touched by the incident.’
    • ‘Her conscience has clearly been touched.’
    • ‘I was touched by his sincerity.’
  • 2 informal Slightly insane; crazy.

    • ‘you have to be a little touched to do my job’
    mad, insane, unbalanced, unhinged, deranged, demented, crazed, out of one's mind, off one's head, eccentric, distracted, simple, mad as a hatter, mad as a March hare
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/təCHt/ /tətʃt/