Definition of touching in English:



  • Arousing feelings of sympathy or gratitude.

    ‘your loyalty is very touching’
    ‘a touching reconciliation scene’
    • ‘The opening of the second season moves at full speed, delivering a series of heavy emotional blows both touching and tragic.’
    • ‘The stadium presented a touching scene as lights were switched off and everyone stood up with burning candles in their hands.’
    • ‘It's silly, but she is so adorable, and her seduction is inspired with such grace, that it makes a touching and subtle scene.’
    • ‘It's a touching scene, but not one desired by the socially well-adjusted.’
    • ‘In some ways, it's a touching scene that has fans sending the system off with a proper goodbye.’
    • ‘This brought half the guests to tears - it was quite a touching scene.’
    • ‘One could hear the proverbial pin drop as the four actors related a touching and evocative story of human tragedy and its sequence of events unfolding with one surprise after another.’
    • ‘With the news of a child's disappearance all too common in the headlines, this beautiful play is a touching look at a tender subject and the way in which we all cope with real grief in the contemporary world.’
    • ‘Anything touching or heartbreaking or informative I might have to say was already written as fiction in a novel that's sadly out of print.’
    • ‘It was a touching and poignant afternoon as friends gathered to show their respects to a man who had remained loyal and ever faithful to the ideals of Comhaltas.’
    • ‘In the coming weeks we want to hear and publish the stories of these youngsters and we expect some remarkable, touching and heart-warming tales to emerge.’
    • ‘It really tends to make people fall in love with other people who care about the same emotional, touching issue.’
    • ‘Your relationship is transformed through a touching emotional experience.’
    • ‘I read on with mixed emotions the touching story of the dog they called Dilly.’
    • ‘Oh, and more important than all that, I have really found your writing to be very touching and very tender lately, and I don't know, its awesome.’
    • ‘I think you will all find it touching and poignant.’
    • ‘This is the most compelling part of the film, especially a long sequence in which his mother dances around laughing hysterically, which manages to be both touching and disturbing.’
    • ‘But overall, there is a very moving, very touching film presented.’
    • ‘It is not a subtle film, but there are many moments of touching honesty and heartfelt emotion underneath the dynamic visuals and flowery script.’
    • ‘The church echoed with his touching and poignant music.’
    moving, affecting, stirring, warming, heart-warming, impressive
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  • Concerning; about.

    ‘discoveries touching the neglected traditions of the London Boroughs’


Late Middle English (as a preposition): from French touchant, present participle of toucher ‘to touch’; the adjective (early 16th century) is from touch+ -ing.