Definition of tourmaline in English:



  • A typically black or blackish mineral that occurs as prismatic crystals in granitic and other rocks. It consists of a boron aluminosilicate and has pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties.

    ‘In the line rock, this black tourmaline occurs as tiny prismatic crystals.’
    • ‘The mineral assemblage comprises quartz, K-feldspar, albitic plagioclase, white mica, apatite, tourmaline and garnet.’
    • ‘It consists of clasts of angular to rounded quartz, plagioclase, tourmaline and rock fragments, up to 3 mm in diameter.’
    • ‘Inclusions of quartz, tourmaline, apatite, and muscovite crystals have been described.’
    • ‘After quartz and microcline, tourmaline is arguably the next most abundant mineral found in the miarolitic cavities.’



/ˈto͝ormələn/ /ˈtʊrmələn/ /ˈto͝orməˌlēn/ /ˈtʊrməˌlin/


Mid 18th century from French, based on Sinhalese tōramalli ‘carnelian’.