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tow truck

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  • A truck used to tow or pick up damaged or disabled vehicles.

    ‘Following the incident, Main Street was closed off to traffic, while the Gardaí awaited the arrival of a tow truck to remove the vehicle from the street.’
    • ‘As soon as I got somewhere, I would call for a tow truck to pick up my car, drive it home, and let my parents pay for it.’
    • ‘The tow truck moved the second vehicle leaving enough room for a single lane of traffic and the cops started to wave them on.’
    • ‘You know what, I'm going to call a tow truck and then we'll discuss the damages, all right?’
    • ‘I somehow got my disabled car home, and then called the tow truck, my agent, my insurance company, and her insurance company to make the necessary reports.’
    • ‘Within 15 minutes, a highway-patrol officer, fire truck, ambulance, and tow truck had arrived.’
    • ‘Just as I was beginning to worry that my tow truck would never appear, a truck signalled off the highway and came to a stop right behind.’
    • ‘After the truck was declared safe to leave alone, a tow truck arrived to pull the wreckage away.’
    • ‘This tow truck is out, probably looking for some clients.’
    • ‘The tow truck actually started out facing forward in our lane, i.e. straight but on the right-hand side of the road as you look at it in the picture.’
    • ‘She made fun of me that I would have to ride in a tow truck.’
    • ‘I planned to go shopping for new jeans today, but I'm afraid I'll end up in a ditch, phoning AAA for a tow truck.’
    • ‘I didn't find out about that until later, because I fainted at the sight of him and wasn't revived until the tow truck came.’
    • ‘They kept walking, and they happened to run across a guy with a tow truck that they knew, and he gave them his own personal truck.’
    • ‘The vehicles are equipped to push disabled cars off the freeway, or the deputies can call a tow truck if necessary.’
    • ‘I recently had an unpleasant encounter with a guy who drives a tow truck.’
    • ‘The accident occurred when a tow truck crashed off an elevated stretch of freeway in San Francisco.’
    • ‘A tow truck was burned and several buses damaged by fire as a result of a protest by inhabitants of a shantytown that closed traffic in Rio de Janeiro on August 18.’
    • ‘By 10 am, the road was still partially closed and a tow truck was on its way to move the overturned vehicle.’
    • ‘‘We'll stay with your car, and wait for the tow truck,’ George offered.’


tow truck

/ˈtō ˌtrək/ /ˈtoʊ ˌtrək/