Definition of towelette in English:



  • A disposable cloth treated with a cleansing agent, typically supplied in an individual sealed package.

    ‘Later on, they distribute individually packaged cakes, moist towelettes, and soft drinks in white plastic cups - granted, underfilled - lest someone drink too much and need to make use of the forbidden on-bus washroom.’
    • ‘If not, bring water for preparation and cleaning, or pack clean cloths, and wet towelettes for cleaning surfaces and hands.’
    • ‘Almost immediately, people began sending packaged towelettes in the mail.’
    • ‘New to the popular world of sunless-bronzage techniques, the product uses mini towelettes to sequentially exfoliate, tan, and moisturize sickly grey skin into an even, un-orange glow, promise the makers.’
    • ‘Neither moist towelettes nor lemon water accompanied the crab, so anyone who wanted the rest of their meal to be non-sticky had to venture inside in search of a rather grotty basin.’
    • ‘‘So that's why she always had Binaca and moist towelettes in her purse,’ you think.’
    • ‘Who cares about single-serving sugar packets or individually wrapped moist towelettes?’
    • ‘If you can manage, follow with an orange and cinnamon and sweet pastries flavoured curiously like airline towelettes.’
    • ‘Someone fetch him a moist towelette or something.’
    • ‘She broke open the diskette sleeve and took out the internal disk and dried it off thoroughly with a towelette.’
    • ‘No more handling huge cups full of coins, moist towelettes, digging for an appropriate bill to put in, or even searching for your slot club card - it's all automatic online.’
    • ‘He's obsessive-compulsive, a man who cannot live without moist towelettes at the ready because, after all, there are germs everywhere.’
    • ‘I remember them giving me warm towelettes with chop sticks and playing old American films dubbed over in Chinese and wondering what was going to become of me.’
    • ‘And not to worry, there will be lots of those little moist towelettes.’
    • ‘While contemplating, we were brought cold towelettes and sat marveling at the decor and the fat suit!’
    • ‘Ignoring her the boy dug around in his pocket until he pulled out alcohol towelettes.’
    • ‘Next time we go I will take some of those pre-moistened towelettes for this purpose.’
    • ‘Someone wonders whether passengers could be persuaded to clean off their own tray tables and suggests giving them a towelette for that purpose.’
    • ‘Cleansers may be packaged as a liquid, emulsion, or foam, or the active products may be impregnated in a soft towelette.’
    • ‘To add to the absurdity, the packets come complete with a moist towelette similar to those provided in fast-food outlets.’



/ˌtou(ə)ˈlet/ /ˌtaʊ(ə)ˈlɛt/