Definition of tower in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtou(ə)r/ /ˈtaʊ(ə)r/

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  • 1A tall, narrow building, either freestanding or forming part of a building such as a church or castle.

    • ‘the south-west tower is a wonderful example of late Gothic’
    steeple, spire
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    1. 1.1A fortress or stronghold in the form of or including a tower.
      fort, castle, citadel, blockhouse, burg, keep, tower, donjon, turret, bunker
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    2. 1.2the Tower
  • 2with modifier A tall structure that houses machinery, operators, etc.

    • ‘a control tower’
    1. 2.1with modifier A tall structure used as a receptacle or for storage.
      • ‘a CD tower’
    2. 2.2A tall pile or mass of something.
      • ‘ a titanic tower of garbage’

intransitive verb

[no object]
  • 1Rise to or reach a great height.

    ‘he seemed to tower over everyone else’
    • ‘The group objected to the development's design and height, stating it would tower over the neighbourhood.’
    • ‘Tony towered over her, like he did while on the horse, like Fellini's women tower over him.’
    • ‘You wish you were wearing the boots with three-inch heels instead of the boots with one-inch heels so you could tower over him even more than you already do.’
    • ‘Big pines tower over the homes, flower boxes line stone walkways, and a wooden wagon wheel leans against one home in a gesture of artificial rusticity.’
    • ‘Its second-growth oaks, hickories, and sugar maples tower over the open pastures and fields of the lower slope and bottomland.’
    • ‘The weakness of the mother (who is admittedly ill) in comparison to her son allows the male to tower over the female.’
    • ‘A couple of old fir trees tower over the field, and yes, there's a house, a driveway, a garage, all well-kept.’
    • ‘Your cool new platforms make you tower over the guys - so what?’
    • ‘The trees which tower over the tables can't help but prove relaxing, something most desired when heading out for a drink after a long day.’
    • ‘They will tower over drivers from either side of slip road exits and entrances at junction three for the 12-month trial period.’
    • ‘This time a massive hydrogen bomb lifts its manmade plumes until they tower over the natural clouds.’
    • ‘Here, sheer limestone cliffs tower over gentle pastures and provide what many people believe is the finest scenery in the Alps.’
    • ‘It will tower over the community for years, a constant reminder of bureaucracy's triumph over democracy.’
    • ‘And every time we stand around the bar, they tower over me and block out the light.’
    • ‘They fear the development will tower over the estate, reducing privacy and blocking light to nearby homes.’
    • ‘Books tower over us and are crammed into every gap in the structure.’
    • ‘Bangalore is a city that just grows on you, the way its trees have grown, to tower over the landscape.’
    • ‘For the next two weeks it will tower over the stadium as it is used to manoeuvre the roof of the two-tier West Stand into place.’
    • ‘A major housing development in Colchester will tower over nearby homes, residents claimed today.’
    • ‘Rising to a height of 6 or 7 feet, these drawings tower over the viewer.’
    soar, rise, loom, ascend, mount, rear, reach high, stand high
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  • 2(of a bird) soar to a great height, especially (of a falcon) so as to be able to swoop down on the quarry.

    • ‘The big ticket item was a US Air Force B1 Bomber, which towered over the surrounding displays like a massive bird of prey.’


Old English torr, reinforced in Middle English by Old French tour, from Latin turris, from Greek.