Definition of townland in English:



  • (especially in Ireland) a small territorial division of land.

    • ‘From a community viewpoint most of our towns, villages and townlands are ghettoes, or consist of ghettoes in which our communities live apart.’
    • ‘Town houses were once common day feature throughout the townlands of Ireland.’
    • ‘It is important that they continue to draw volunteers from towns, villages and townlands outside of Sligo town to make sure that these areas are represented.’
    • ‘The clause applies to homes bought in any of the county's 1,500 townlands, where the number of holiday homes is greater than 20% of the stock.’
    • ‘The hunt for All-Ireland hurling tickets has begun in earnest throughout the parish especially those townlands that adjoin the County Cork villages of Tullylease, Milford and Freemount.’
    • ‘The village names will be inscribed on suitable stones placed on the end of roads leading to the various villages or townlands throughout the parish with the approval of Mayo County Council.’
    • ‘You can trace the heritage of ancestors using the web, the history of specific towns, villages, even townlands and you can also access literally millions of old images.’
    • ‘Her neighbours and friends from the villages and townlands of the Parish also join in wishing her health and happiness for the rest of her days.’
    • ‘The Borough Council is now anxious to complete the process that commenced in 1994 and formally extend the physical boundary of the borough to include the townlands in question.’
    • ‘These designs are having and will have, a major impact on our natural environment, and the social and physical infrastructure of our villages and townlands.’
    • ‘In the meantime volunteers are needed from the various townlands to distribute literature.’
    • ‘The reunion booklet on the school will contain information on the surrounding townlands.’
    • ‘We are fortunate to still have a very good population of small birds in out townlands and villages.’
    • ‘James Lawless was born in the townland of Lack West, Parke and Mary McGowan his wife was born in the neighbouring townland of Cashel Lower, Parke.’
    • ‘This particular village within the townland of Gurteen was known locally as Baile Ur and was home to the Brennan, Mulrennan and Finn families.’
    • ‘His mother and sister - who live in a townland north of Kilkenny city - flew out from Ireland but on the Monday it was decided to switch the machine off.’
    • ‘The O'Connell family are from Drombanna, a townland about three miles out the Kilmallock Road from Limerick city.’
    • ‘It's on a quiet road in the townland of Tonegurrane, only seven miles from Galway city.’
    • ‘This the survey from which rates originated and gives information on every householder, house and land holding in every townland in the county.’
    • ‘The townland is the smallest, officially recognised administrative unit in Ireland, and there are around 54,000 in the country.’