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  • A tract of land set apart by legal authority to be occupied by a town and usually surveyed and laid out with streets.

    ‘A townsite was surveyed and town lots pegged out by October 1895.’
    • ‘Under terms of the peace treaty signed in 1814, the tribe relinquished to the United States 22 million acres of land, including the townsites of some of the Upper Creeks who had fought alongside Andrew Jackson's forces against the rebels.’
    • ‘Cumberland County, the original townsite, which now comprises nearly all the Sydney metropolitan area, gives 35 to 40 per cent of itself to bush.’
    • ‘In 1913, the Santa Fe Land Improvement Company filed for the townsite of Elkhart, Kansas, on April 28, at 2 p.m.’
    • ‘The next day, we grabbed a quick breakfast, a close up look at some deer hanging around the townsite (we had seen a mountain sheep the day before) and headed off on a boat tour down the lake.’
    • ‘When Joe Ladue was trying to establish the townsite that would become Dawson City, he needed a surveyor.’
    • ‘His actions and advice on the survey of rural sections, roads, townsites, reserves and early forest plantings have left a lasting impression on South Australia.’
    • ‘More evidence of progress was seen during March 1863, when Arthur B. Cooper arrived to survey and lay out the townsite of Nuccaleena.’
    • ‘In 1905, when the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were formed with the fourth meridian as the boundary, Lloydminster as a townsite found itself divided between two provinces.’
    • ‘Mr Summers, who has some 20 fire-fighters under his direction in the townsite aside from many volunteers throughout the shire, said arson had not been a big problem in the shire in the past.’
    • ‘By 1874 prospectors had explored the beautiful horseshoe-shaped valley that would become the townsite of Ouray.’
    • ‘These contracts covered only a little over 2,300 acres, 640 of which were the Cody townsite itself.’
    • ‘Within the townsite, species diversity was low, but large numbers of individuals represented most species.’
    • ‘Besides visiting a graveyard at night the art students went to chapels, a monastery and other buildings at the historic townsite.’
    • ‘The anthropogenic ecosystems of interest were the townsite, the refuse dump, and the sewage lagoon.’
    • ‘We enter Schofield Park, an old townsite situated in beautiful alpine meadowland.’
    • ‘The weather seems to be clearing, and I went for a walk around the townsite this morning.’
    • ‘The townsite has been sold off and a good many of the buildings ended up in Dawson City.’
    • ‘Next came harbour sites, townsites and main roads.’
    • ‘He also became the owner of several townsites and the publican of the Rock Hotel, the licence of which he held until 1889.’



/ˈtounsīt/ /ˈtaʊnsaɪt/