Definition of toylike in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌlīk/


See toy

‘Cell phones are toylike, nearly magic, and we get a huge kick out of them, as often happens with technological advances until the new wears off.’
  • ‘On each of the five vertical sections that made up the image, silhouetted shapes, colored geometric forms, flowers, furniture, twigs, toylike figures and indistinct shadows floated aimlessly through a viscous, horizonless space.’
  • ‘Considering the toylike quality of the car's aluminum frame clad in plastic panels, one hopes that the lights' purported safety function is worth the research-and-development dollars.’
  • ‘Uptown, the dominant and by far the best work was Gulliver, an enormous recumbent figure constructed out of simple geometric solids, with fat toylike hands and feet.’
  • ‘They are also cute and toylike - but toys for whom?’