Definition of toyon in English:



  • An evergreen Californian shrub of the rose family, the fruiting branches of which are used for Christmas decorations.

    Heteromeles arbutifolia, family Rosaceae

    ‘Drought-tolerant shrubs range from manzanita, cotoneaster and rockrose to toyon, huckleberry and other varieties of ceanothus.’
    • ‘Other good greens for fresh display include camellia, citrus, eucalyptus, holly, nandina, pine, pyracantha, red-wood, toyon, and Western red cedar.’
    • ‘The gardens look lush; toyons and hollies bow under the weight of their brilliant scarlet berries, and the rosemary and jasmine are starred with constellations of blossoms.’
    • ‘Our home is at the southwestern tip of the valley, nestled among the lace-lichen laden oaks, bay laurel, mountain mahogany, ceanothus and toyon which typify this classically central coast California oak woodland.’
    • ‘Almost all houses contained fresh leaves of one or more of the four species of interest - California bay, interior live oak, coast live oak, and toyon.’



/ˈtoiän/ /ˈtɔɪɑn/


Mid 19th century from Mexican Spanish tollón.