Definition of TP in English:



  • Toilet paper.

    ‘always keep an extra roll of TP around’
    • ‘You'd get all those rolls of TP in one big wrapped package.’
    • ‘Her friend handed her a roll of TP.’
    • ‘The restroom needed a fresh roll of TP.’
    • ‘Is there enough TP for seat coverage, or is there a disposable seat cover to use?’
    • ‘I am sure that they did not feel that they looked incongruous, in their blue executive's suits, flushing lengths of TP down the loo.’
    • ‘We walked over to Joshua's window, dodging strains of TP all over the crisp grass.’
    • ‘We're goin' to need TP, baby wipes, plastic bags, battery powered lanterns, and buckets of batteries.’
    • ‘What makes that soft TP so soft is that it comes from standing trees rather than from recycled paper.’
    • ‘I saved $1.12 buying TP in bulk.’
    • ‘Three tattered sheets of TP hang off the edge of the cardboard roll, mocking you.’

transitive verbtransitive verb TPs, transitive verb TPing, transitive verb TP'd, transitive verb TPed

[with object]
  • Cover (trees, buildings, etc.) with toilet paper as a prank.

    ‘sometimes at Halloween, the boys from my neighborhood TP'd a tree or two’
    • ‘I remember one son and a friend during a sleepover in the fifth grade TP'ing our own house.’
    • ‘They're TP'ing his porch and yard.’
    • ‘We're going to TP the house and put eggs in the mailbox.’
    • ‘It must be trick-or-treaters TP'ing the neighbor's car again.’
    • ‘What were you going to do if I'd invited him inside? Pound on the door? TP the yard?’
    • ‘What if someone actually TP'ed the building?’
    • ‘We were going to TP the cabin and write some stuff on the windows with the toothpaste.’
    • ‘Don't tell me you guys were going to TP my locker! That's so last year.’
    • ‘Not that I'm planning to TP his house or anything.’
    • ‘He had never liked her at all and had TP'ed her tree only to impress his friends.’


1940s abbreviation of toilet paper.