Definition of trabecular in English:



See trabecula

‘With a dental curette, the trabecular bone was scraped out of both cortical shells, combined and put into 5% trichloroacetic acid.’
  • ‘Furthermore, no immunostained cells are detectable even in the solid and trabecular patterns within some canalicular adenomas, again contrasting with the basal cell adenoma variants with similar patterns.’
  • ‘The spongy appearance is misleading, because careful examination of the architecture reveals a highly organized trabecular system providing maximal structural support with minimal density of bony tissue.’
  • ‘In particular, the influence of bone mass distribution in cancellous bone, which mainly results from the trabecular architecture, can be predicted fairly accurately using finite element calculations.’
  • ‘Overall morphology was judged to be well preserved by this dissection protocol, and was comparable to that observed in previous preparations where only the inner wall and underlying trabecular meshwork were harvested.’