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tracing paper

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  • Transparent paper used for tracing maps, drawings, or designs.

    ‘To make a lining pattern piece, trace two of the panels together (overlap seam allowances) onto tissue paper or pattern tracing paper.’
    • ‘The texture is closer to tracing paper than the average paper which makes for a curious cigarette, especially once lit when any moisture in the tobacco evaporates and sinuous tobacco is made highly visible.’
    • ‘The final drawing on tracing paper is transferred to illustration board by placing the transfer paper dark side down on the illustration board with the illustration on top.’
    • ‘In 1968, he renounced painting, but in the 1980s returned to art-making with a series of black drawings on folded tracing paper.’
    • ‘Print on thin paper, perhaps tracing paper, and prime the mask white first.’
    • ‘In other designs where the viewing screen is translucent and lit from behind, the image must be copied first onto tracing paper or oiled paper.’
    • ‘Areas of the landscape were traced onto tracing paper and then transferred to the appropriate color, using a rubbing on the reverse of the tracing paper or carbon paper.’
    • ‘First, they could try and make a picture, based on one or more photographs, that is to look as real as humanly possible - perhaps using tracing paper or even projecting a photograph on a sheet of paper.’
    • ‘On the other hand, drawings made with nothing more than pens, markers, and tracing paper can have equal success in communicating design ideas.’
    • ‘Lastly, we used tracing paper to flip and copy a simple design in order to begin creating a pattern freehand.’
    • ‘In this instance, I encourage them to trace the drawing or part of it on tracing paper.’
    • ‘We copy the pattern onto tracing paper and punch little holes along the lines.’
    • ‘The use of tracing paper laid on top of the stems resting on a light box achieves something called ‘translumination’, where light passes through the object to illuminate it and make it glow.’
    • ‘To win playmates' acceptance, he drew pictures on tracing paper and projected the images on the wall with torchlight for their entertainment.’
    • ‘Then it got worse because my wife, whose face had turned to the colour of tracing paper, was busy reading some small print in the catalogue about what the price didn't include.’
    • ‘I cannot bear the thought of having to use something that resembles tracing paper and is as absorbent as a £10.00 note!’
    • ‘I love messing about with tracing paper and smeary pencils, trying to find the perfect wing.’
    • ‘You can't put a piece of tracing paper over it and try to copy all the intricate details.’
    • ‘Tape two sides of the plastic and tracing paper together to make a triangular envelope.’
    • ‘An enclosure with a pinhole or lens at one end, it allowed an image of the outside world to be cast upside-down on the darkened wall opposite, over which one might place a bit of tracing paper and sketch the image's outline and shape.’


tracing paper

/ˈtrāsiNG ˌpāpər/ /ˈtreɪsɪŋ ˌpeɪpər/