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track events

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plural noun

  • Track-and-field contests that take place on a running track, as opposed to those involving throwing or other activities.

    Compare with field events

    ‘It is only in latter years that the 10k track event and the marathon have been introduced for women at the World Championships and the Olympic Games.’
    • ‘The relay events are always exciting, and as the final track event, they generate considerable interest, not least from all the fellow athletes watching.’
    • ‘She was entered in the track event in case anything went wrong in her preferred event.’
    • ‘I think the 5,000m record is attainable, I can run faster in the 10,000m and it's important to me to win a track event at the World Championships… and then there are the Olympics.’
    • ‘Most spectators don't consider this a track event.’
    • ‘He might have obtained better results simply by taking the differences in the lanes' staggered starting marks for an appropriate track event.’
    • ‘His first track event was the 100-meter hydrants, a kid running down Quentin Street leaping over every fire plug in his path.’
    • ‘She was the only American woman to win a track event that year.’
    • ‘Packaged as part of a larger track event, it might bring new fans.’
    • ‘Athletes have to collect their singlets and numbers and get fully warmed up before the first track event which commences after the parade.’
    • ‘I had never seen a live track event before, and trust me, it is definitely entertainment at its best!’
    • ‘Surrey clinched the match by winning the final track event, the 4x100m relay.’
    • ‘It has been thirty years since the area had a winner in a track event.’
    • ‘Why do I still get a major rush of adrenalin every time a track event gets to the ‘set’ position?’
    • ‘You have to take part in relays, long jump, or whatever other track event is going on.’
    • ‘The match is unique in that every track event is run as a relay, from the 4x100m to the 4x1500m, and the field events are taken as a sum of the total distance or height for each team.’
    • ‘The tracks were well made out and the track events and the field events were well organized.’
    • ‘These include track events for athletes and team events in netball, soccer and volleyball.’
    • ‘However, this year a significant number of talented Sligo athletes excelled in track events - more than ever before.’
    • ‘It will have three categories, skills obstacle course, grass track events and team event.’


track events

/trak əˈvents/ /træk əˈvɛnts/ /ēˈvents/ /iˈvɛnts/