Definition of tract home in English:

tract home


(also tract house)
North American
  • A house forming part of a tract housing development.

    ‘In the past, if you wanted a house that went beyond the basics provided by a tract house, you hired an architect and a contractor and built a house yourself.’
    • ‘We left a tract home on the edge of the prairie for a brick duplex, with a thatch roof and a tulip garden, on a cobblestone street.’
    • ‘I grew up in the 1970s in a tract home on Long Island in a house that was bereft of any ‘high’ culture.’
    • ‘Conservative critics might see the presence of a big-screen in a dilapidated tract house as a product of misguided spending; for liberals, it could merely represent inchoate class longings.’
    • ‘Headquarters is a nondescript tract house with farm sheds around back.’
    • ‘Ruiz drives by the modest tract home where his Mexican father, who worked in Orange County's farming industry, raised him in the 1950s.’
    • ‘Here's the catch, however: In the average tract house, windows are not the major culprits behind heat loss - ceilings are.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that you want the room to harmonize, and soon you'll have a room that doesn't feel like a tract house, but that feels like a day at the beach.’
    • ‘My work on the history of the tract house offers a similar lesson.’
    • ‘We do get a little footage of him picking flowers outside his tract house, and meandering through a graveyard.’
    • ‘So naturally, some stinky, dead-eyed brat in a single-family tract house ends up owning it.’
    • ‘More light and openness, the latest appliances, and a richer color palette give this kitchen in a 1950s Eichler tract house new life while preserving its midcentury-modern character.’
    • ‘That's what prompted this husband-and-wife team of architects to design an inventive shelving arrangement based on the stud system of their late '60s tract house.’
    • ‘The three-bedroom, one-bath tract house has a detached garage with a tall redwood tree behind it.’
    • ‘Shortly after moving into our hillside 1,400-square-foot 1950s tract home, my wife, Beth, and I decided to remodel.’
    • ‘The magazine is for ranch home and tract house owners who like mid-century modern style.’
    • ‘Levittown became the model for tract home developments across the country.’
    • ‘This is the story of everygirl - a story being played out every day in trailer parks and tract homes and apartment houses of real America.’
    • ‘The expansion of tract homes, condos and apartments made the move easier.’
    • ‘And we are also advising some tract homes, some residents and neighborhoods, a little bit further west, we're putting them on notice of evacuations.’