Definition of tractate in English:



  • A treatise.

    ‘Thomas's early discussion of the way theoretical sciences are distinguished from one another in the course of his exposition of the tractate of Boethius On the Trinity is masterful.’
    • ‘Quite apart from his magnum opus, the Consolation of Philosophy, there were translations of Aristotle, and a number of short tractates on music, arithmetic and Christian theology.’
    • ‘It does not contain any references to Jesus, though this is hardly surprising since it contains sixty-three tractates of religious law.’
    • ‘One tractate, ‘Aboth’ was added later to provide a genealogy and hence legitimacy for their oral tradition just as the Christians had already done for Jesus.’
    • ‘Sometimes, however, he is stretching things a bit, transgressing the borders between a scientific tractate and a missionary polemic.’
    disquisition, essay, paper, work, piece of writing, exposition, discourse, dissertation, thesis, monograph, study, critique



/ˈtrakˌtāt/ /ˈtrækˌteɪt/


Late 15th century from Latin tractatus, from tractare ‘to handle’, frequentative of trahere ‘draw’.