Definition of tractive in English:


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  • Relating to or denoting the power exerted in pulling, especially by a vehicle or other machine.

    ‘the two cylinders will give a tractive effort of 33,170 lbs’
    • ‘The tractive effort of the machine seems weak, especially in this deep snow that we have now.’
    • ‘‘It has such tractive power that we were pushing piles several times larger than what others could push; we were pushing mountains,’ he describes.’
    • ‘Features include advanced hydraulic controls and impressive power in terms of rated operating capacities, tractive effort, bucket breakout force, and the like.’
    • ‘Operators of road slugs in the Northwest are usually lines with poor track and steep grades which require a lot of tractive effort, but not necessarily more horsepower.’
    • ‘And because the tractor unit is self-contained in a single unit, greater tractive effort can be applied to help move the unit through wet soils.’
    • ‘These tracks enable a machine to operate in conditions where low ground pressure and high tractive effort are needed while minimizing the damage to the operating surface.’



/ˈtraktiv/ /ˈtræktɪv/