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  • The action of engaging in trade.

    as modifier ‘trading profits leapt’
    • ‘There is no doubt that the concentration on agricultural liberalization brought the key concerns of fair trade and equitable trading opportunities to the forefront.’
    • ‘Enormous trading activities with transportation might affect the fragile and pristine environment in an adverse manner.’
    • ‘Thus the action lies where there is a real possibility of damage to some business or trading activity.’
    • ‘Was there evidence or did he make a statement about the extent of his motor trading activities apart from these five cars?’
    • ‘The practice of trading and commercialisation continues in most parts of the country.’
    • ‘The manufacturing business contributed 50.4 per cent to group sales, compensating for flat sales in its trading business.’
    • ‘None of them expressly authorised trading activities.’
    • ‘More than 80 percent of its profits came from financial trading operations, dwarfing its earnings from pipelines and power plants.’
    • ‘It is the very dubious activity known as proprietary trading that permits the dealers to create the positions.’
    • ‘It said the involved parties may profit or avoid losses from such trading based on insider information.’
    • ‘This would allow an individual to be prosecuted in a single count for the activity of fraudulent trading, although that activity may be made up of a number of otherwise discrete offences.’
    • ‘Others envision the city becoming the next Dubai, or even greater: the center of commerce and trading for the Gulf Region, and perhaps the entire Middle East.’
    • ‘It is for this reason that practising insider stock trading is a crime.’
    • ‘But the rapid growth in online trading of financial services products also has its dangers.’
    • ‘There you can learn how to maximize your profits with online trading as well as setting up an online business.’
    • ‘While scrap trading is an old activity, the scrap industry is a product of industrial life in the last two centuries.’
    • ‘The outlet, which also includes a service area, commenced trading more than a week ago and is enjoying a very busy trade.’
    • ‘But it will not engage in high-risk speculative trading to make a profit on its own account.’
    • ‘They were traditionally denied land rights, and had thus developed trading as a niche activity.’
    • ‘The problem is that too many rich countries preach free trade but practice protectionism, thus denying trading opportunities and markets to poor countries.’
    selling, vending, disposal



/ˈtrādiNG/ /ˈtreɪdɪŋ/