Definition of tragelaph in English:



rare Zoology
  • Any of various antelopes of sub-Saharan Africa constituting the genus Tragelaphus, having spiral horns and white stripes or spots, and comprising the kudus, nyalas, bushbucks, and related forms.

    Speke's tragelaph is a former name of the sitatunga, T. spekii.



/ˈtradʒəlɑːf/ /ˈtradʒəlaf/


Late Middle English (in an earlier sense). From classical Latin tragelaphus a kind of wild goat or antelope from ancient Greek τραγέλαϕος a fabulous or fictitious beast compounded of a goat and a stag, in Hellenistic Greek also a kind of wild goat or antelope (Septuagint) from τράγος he-goat + ἔλαϕος deer.