Definition of Tragopogon in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtraɡəʊˈpəʊɡɒn/


  • Originally: either of two goat's beards, Tragopogon pratensis and salsify, T. porrifolius. In later use also: any of the numerous herbaceous plants with yellow or purplish dandelion-like flowers constituting the genus Tragopogon (family Asteraceae (Compositae)); (in form Tragopogon) the genus itself.

    Valid publication of the genus name: Linnaeus Species plantarum (1753) II. 789.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in Henry Lyte (1529–1607), botanist and antiquary. From classical Latin tragopōgōn (Pliny; adopted in scientific Latin as a genus name: see note at definition) from Hellenistic Greek τραγοπώγων (Theophrastus) from ancient Greek τράγος he-goat + πώγων beard.