Definition of trailing arbutus in English:

trailing arbutus


  • ‘Other species include trailing arbutus, bearberry, wintergreen, inkberry, sweet fern, flowering pixie moss, and cowwheat.’
    • ‘Armed with a wildflower guidebook from the farm's library, I identify everything from pipsissewa to trailing arbutus.’
    • ‘Read also about how to help preserve the trailing arbutus in its southern Indiana habitat.’
    • ‘Indians used the trailing arbutus as an astringent.’
    • ‘This trailing arbutus, when found in the southern states is called the ground laurel.’
    • ‘Botanists continue to search parklands such as this one, hoping that the leaves of larger plants hide the small trailing arbutus.’


trailing arbutus

/ˈtrāliNG ärˈbyo͞odəs/ /ˈtreɪlɪŋ ɑrˈbjudəs/