Definition of traitorously in English:



See traitorous

‘And I am certain that the Senator (saved by a moron who claims to be of the Left) and other trash acted equally traitorously.’
  • ‘The Queen graciously gave the two the rest of the night off and sat to consider her fate and the fate of the woman who had been traitorously put into her hands.’
  • ‘My eye caught a certain dark haired boy, tall, walking across the quad and I let my eyes linger traitorously on him.’
  • ‘I watch my hand creep traitorously to the door, listlessly wondering when it got so bad that I can't even say no to him anymore.’
  • ‘Christy straightened herself up as a blush traitorously began to stain her cheeks.’



/ˈtrādərəslē/ /ˈtreɪdərəsli/ /ˈtrātrəslē/ /ˈtreɪtrəsli/