Definition of transactional analysis in English:

transactional analysis


  • A system of popular psychology based on the idea that one's behavior and social relationships reflect an interchange between parental (critical and nurturing), adult (rational), and childlike (intuitive and dependent) aspects of personality established early in life.

    ‘While practicing as a social worker he undertook psychotherapy training in transactional analysis and neurolinguistic psychotherapy, culminating in an MA.’
    • ‘Classes will be given on good manners, first aid, communication skills, inter-personal relations, transactional analysis, learning maths the easy way and recent advances in science and medicine.’
    • ‘She prefers to give seminars on transactional analysis to groups of people, rather than devote time to individual sessions.’
    • ‘I was introduced to transactional analysis in 1975, and was interested because I could both teach and study.’
    • ‘No particular model is used to the exclusion of any others, but the themes from attachment theory and transactional analysis are prevalent in the units.’


transactional analysis

/tranˌzakSHnəl əˈnaləsəs/ /trænˌzækʃnəl əˈnæləsəs/