Definition of transborder in English:



  • Crossing or extending across a border between two countries.

    ‘transborder trade’
    • ‘transborder regions’
    • ‘Avoid creating legislation in the name of personal data protection which actually create obstacles to transborder flows of personal data.’
    • ‘The Chinese have agreed to keep India in the loop in their plan for transborder rivers.’
    • ‘The group of newsmen including foreign journalists who visited the area had a first hand experience of trans-border shelling.’
    • ‘We have a broader relationship with Pakistan than simply the border issue, or the issue of trans-border support for the insurgency.’
    • ‘At this year's Hong Kong Book Fair, there will be a number of talks about the notion of trans-border literature.’
    • ‘At the same time, some governments have also slowed globalization within their jurisdiction by retaining certain restrictions on transborder activity.’
    • ‘Regional integration and the transborder co-operation with the neighbouring countries will be among governmental priorities in the coming year.’
    • ‘Today many shops are mainly stocked with transborder articles.’
    • ‘While transborder products have generally been more prevalent than supraterritorial production, far from all sales items have acquired global circulation.’
    • ‘This transborder financial instrument is thereby different from a foreign bond, which is handled in one country for an external borrower.’
    • ‘WestJet has just initiated its transborder services to the United States.’
    • ‘Globalization has changed forms of money with the spread of transborder currencies, distinctly supraterritorial denominations, digital cash, and global credit cards.’
    • ‘The second half of the twentieth century witnessed the development of transborder production and associated intra-firm trade in a number of industries.’
    • ‘Velchev said the possibility of implementing trans-border co-operation projects with Macedonia and Serbia would be considered next year.’
    • ‘If the American and Canadian import duties are levelled, than this trans-border operation will become irrelevant.’
    • ‘It also enables the construction of transborder identifications and organizations in response.’
    • ‘The Government approved on February 3 a draft International Private Law Code, which is expected to settle many matters in trans-border relations between foreign and local legal entities and individuals.’
    • ‘Fully 50 per cent of the company's revenue is earned from trans-border and domestic US traffic.’
    • ‘They are often connected, however, to the first two by the way in which states respond to their diminishing capacity to control transborder movements because of costs or other constraints.’
    • ‘Clouds refused to roll away from the snow-capped mountains as Central and state agencies gave the finishing touches to reopening Nathu-la for trans-border trade after 44 years.’



/tranzˈbôrdər/ /trænzˈbɔrdər/