Definition of transcontinental in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtranzkɒntɪˈnɛnt(ə)l/ /ˌtrɑːnzkɒntɪˈnɛnt(ə)l/ /ˌtranskɒntɪˈnɛnt(ə)l/ /ˌtrɑːnskɒntɪˈnɛnt(ə)l/


  • 1(especially of a railway line) crossing a continent.

    • ‘The third and most challenging joint air defense undertaking of the 1950s was the construction of a transcontinental line along the 70th parallel about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.’
    • ‘The post-Civil War expansion of the railroad network - including the construction of the first transcontinental lines - enabled entrepreneurs to establish national corporations.’
    • ‘The latest low-fare carrier to add coast-to-coast service is America West, which began its fourth transcontinental route Monday with Boston-San Francisco flights.’
    • ‘What could torpedo these plans is if tourists as a whole cancel their winter holidays out of safety concerns or if the airlines cut capacity on transcontinental routes.’
    • ‘Asians have been intertwined with America's destiny since Chinese immigrants arrived en masse to build the transcontinental railway after the civil war.’
    • ‘The track later known as the Oodnadatta Track became the main overland route for drovers and later the transcontinental railway to Darwin.’
    • ‘His great-grandfather, Sidney Dillon, was founding chairman of the Union Pacific Railroad and in 1869 drove the ceremonial last spike completing the nation's first transcontinental rail line.’
    • ‘In fact the majority of UK funds raised between Confederation and the First World War were used to finance the construction of Canada's two transcontinental railways.’
    • ‘After 1876, American methods typified by the development of the American transcontinental railway system, were adopted in Germany, Russia, Japan, and elsewhere, including China.’
    • ‘Six years later, in order to finish construction of a transcontinental railway, the United States purchased an additional 30,000 square miles of Mexican land for $10 million.’
    • ‘This is a long-term trend in European civilization which began with Peter the Great, and which took off in 1877 with the work of Mendeleyev in building the transcontinental railway.’
    • ‘Notably, in 1869, the eastbound Central Pacific and westbound Union Pacific railroads met at Promontory, Utah, completing the nation's first transcontinental railway.’
    • ‘The approach, however, and eventual arrival of the transcontinental railway in 1869, quickly brought significant and interrelated changes to Utah.’
    • ‘We don't have a transcontinental railway system!’
    • ‘The unity of the United States was effected under the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, who introduced the transcontinental railway system.’
    • ‘The defence of a new Russian single-track transcontinental railway to Vladivostok was both a cause for sabre-rattling and, ultimately, a major factor in defeat.’
    • ‘Later the Chinese made the westward journey of Mormon converts infinitely more convenient by building the transcontinental railway.’
    • ‘Forest harvesting started in the region as soon as the transcontinental railway was opened in 1910.’
    • ‘By the 1890s, there were half a dozen transcontinental railways.’
    • ‘Canadian Northern, Canada's third transcontinental railway, was also expanding.’
    1. 1.1Extending across or relating to two or more continents.
      ‘a transcontinental radio audience’
      • ‘In this time of tribulation for these two gorgeous, devastated stars, I would like to offer my services, not as transcontinental gossip provider, but as celebrity matchmaker!’
      • ‘She has caused great offence within the Asian community by her pronouncements on issues such as Asian children speaking English in the home and her criticisms of transcontinental marriages.’
      • ‘In addition, they will be distracted from academic life by their preoccupation with March Madness and left exhausted by practices, games, press demands and transcontinental travel schedules.’
      • ‘The Prime Minister headed back a day earlier to pack his bags for China while the other component of the top leadership came in after a transcontinental tour spanning the Atlantic Ocean.’
      • ‘We want to reach beyond that, to pioneer in great infrastructure projects, which will be transcontinental in their significance, to unite the continents, to unify the human race in cooperation.’
      • ‘An amazing amount of the global food supply is transcontinental and produced by energy-intensive large-scale agriculture.’
      • ‘I consulted with my good friend Jim, an avid cyclist who has several transcontinental bike runs (across several continents) as well a small pile of really neat X-rays to prove it.’
      • ‘But these diseases are also global: SARS hopscotched the world via transcontinental flights.’
      • ‘High levels of transcontinental marriages - and the issue of language skills - also had to be properly debated and researched.’
      • ‘This literature is not only transcontinental but it is omnivorous.’


  • A transcontinental railway or train.



/ˌtranzkɒntɪˈnɛnt(ə)l/ /ˌtrɑːnzkɒntɪˈnɛnt(ə)l/ /ˌtranskɒntɪˈnɛnt(ə)l/ /ˌtrɑːnskɒntɪˈnɛnt(ə)l/