Definition of transcultural in English:



  • Relating to or involving more than one culture; cross-cultural.

    ‘the possibility of transcultural understanding’
    • ‘In recent decades, however, art historians have become interested in how indigenous material and visual culture can express the transcultural situation of American Indian people.’
    • ‘Hopefully, philosophers will again be led to recognise that a truly transcultural understanding of subjectivity and intersubjectivity requires us to leave our armchairs and venture into the field.’
    • ‘This finding has implications for our distinction between transcultural and culturally specific aspects of interventions.’
    • ‘All of our interventions are comprised of both transcultural and culturally specific ingredients.’
    • ‘Some individuals have argued that human rights are a result of modern Western transcultural, social, economic, and scientific developments.’



/transˈkəlCHərəl/ /trænsˈkəltʃərəl/