Definition of transdifferentiate in English:


Pronunciation /-SHēˌāt/



See transdifferentiation

‘This plasticity concept - the ability of bone marrow cell to transdifferentiate into heart muscle cell - is supported by experimental and clinical data.’
  • ‘When we over-expressed Math1 in non-sensory cells of the mature cochlea, however, we found that it causes them to transdifferentiate or change their personality to become hair cells.’
  • ‘Primordial germ cells that have been labeled using horseradish peroxidase or radioactive thymidine do not transdifferentiate, and very few transplanted cells persist outside of the gonads.’
  • ‘A particularly interesting example of transdifferentiation, in which one cell type transdifferentiates into two different types in succession, is provided by jellyfish striated muscle.’
  • ‘‘We thought if we can find the master-switch gene for pancreas and somehow deliver it to liver cells, we could transdifferentiate liver into pancreas,’ he explains.’