Definition of transdisciplinary in English:



  • Relating to more than one branch of knowledge; interdisciplinary.

    ‘our transdisciplinary approach to research and education’
    • ‘We see this theme issue of the journal as a great opportunity to invite the international community to reflect about men's health and the opportunities it creates for transdisciplinary activities.’
    • ‘The story confirms the need for a post-national and transdisciplinary American Studies.’
    • ‘The new model runs efficiently on desktop computers enabling rapid investigation of climate change questions, and is part of the Tyndall Centre's transdisciplinary analysis of climate-related policies.’
    • ‘Such research is more likely to be transdisciplinary and collaborative in nature.’
    • ‘My current research is increasingly interested in transdisciplinary responses to the relationship between cultural identity and technology.’
    • ‘No structures are yet in place to encourage the conception and execution of long-term transdisciplinary collaborative projects at national and international levels.’
    • ‘This research is part of a new transdisciplinary field called "neuroeconomics" that measures the neurologic processes involved in decisions involving money.’
    • ‘Differences over interpretive theory represent divisions both within philosophy itself and in transdisciplinary scholarship.’
    • ‘Each member of a collaborative team has specific knowledge of his or her discipline, and transdisciplinary teams integrate these areas.’
    • ‘The classic concept of distinct "faculties" has been reintegrated in favor of increasing transdisciplinary thinking.’



/ˌtranzˈdisəpləˌnerē/ /ˌtrænzˈdɪsəpləˌnɛri/