Definition of transfer factor in English:

transfer factor


  • A substance released by antigen-sensitized lymphocytes and capable of transferring the response of delayed hypersensitivity to a nonsensitized cell or individual into which it is introduced.

    ‘Single breath method was used to measure carbon monoxide transfer factor.’
    • ‘Thirdly, important new parameters like split-function studies or transfer factor for carbon monoxide were not taken into account.’
    • ‘Carbon monoxide transfer factor was measured by the single-breath method.’
    • ‘The transfer factor is low but this is probably an artefact caused by an underestimate of the alveolar volume.’
    • ‘Immune therapies (pentoxifyllin, intravenous immunoglobulin, transfer factor, and colostrum) benefit selected cases.’
    • ‘Dr. Lawrence's discovery of transfer factor science has been hailed as ‘one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the past half century.’’


transfer factor

/tran(t)sˈfər/ /træn(t)sˈfər/ /ˈtran(t)sfər ˈfaktər/ /ˈtræn(t)sfər ˈfæktər/ /ˈfaktôr/ /ˈfæktɔr/