Definition of transferrin in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtran(t)sˈferən/ /ˌtræn(t)sˈfɛrən/


  • A protein of the beta globulin group which binds and transports iron in blood serum.

    ‘The transferrin receptor is a protein located in the plasma membrane that binds the protein transferrin.’
    • ‘Iron, an essential requirement of bacteria, is tightly bound to glycoproteins such as transferrin and lactoferrin in the serum, making it unavailable for the bacteria.’
    • ‘This blood test measures the amount of iron bound to transferrin, an iron-carrying protein in your bloodstream.’
    • ‘Approximately 90% of vanadium in blood resides in plasma, primarily as vanadyl bound to transferrin and albumin.’
    • ‘Serum lead, transferrin, haptoglobin, and ceruloplasmin levels were all found to be within normal limits.’


1940s from trans-‘across’ + Latin ferrum ‘iron’+ -in.