Definition of transform fault in English:

transform fault


  • A strike-slip fault occurring at the boundary between two plates of the earth's crust.

    ‘In plate tectonics, a transform fault is a strike-slip fault extending throughout the lithosphere and joining any two other plate margins.’
    • ‘At transform fault boundaries (such as the San Andreas Fault in California which divides the Pacific and North American plates), the plates move or slide horizontally past each other.’
    • ‘Most of these plutonic rocks come from the inside corners of transforms, the strips of crust generated in the angle between the spreading centre and the active transform fault.’
    • ‘The transform fault is represented by the Arakapas fault zone, and would have had a dextral offset and sinistral slip.’
    • ‘To decouple the spreading basin from northern New Zealand, they must have been separated by a transform fault.’
    • ‘This is the first time, however, that such tremors have been recorded under a transform fault.’


transform fault

/tran(t)sˈfô(ə)rm fôlt/ /træn(t)sˈfɔ(ə)rm fɔlt/