Definition of transhistorical in English:



  • Transcending historical boundaries; eternal.

    ‘femininity may not be a transhistorical absolute’
    • ‘Once more historical distance is sacrificed in the interest of a transhistorical principle.’
    • ‘Several essays emphasize the formal elements involved in reproducing both American myths through the effective employment of transhistorical archetypes.’
    • ‘His clear preference for thematic parallels and transhistorical modeling returns an attenuated history, largely organized without causes and contexts.’
    • ‘She takes issue with those who, like Freud or Foucault, essentialize the human body and its desires as some sort of transhistorical entity, yet use the male body as the standard.’
    • ‘But gender relations cannot be universalized, and race relations also lack transhistorical necessity, so neither the standpoint of women nor of black women can claim epistemic privilege.’



/ˌtranzhiˈstôrikəl/ /ˌtrænzhɪˈstɔrɪkəl/