Definition of transhumanism in English:


Pronunciation /tranzˈhyo͞omənizm/ /trænzˈhjumənɪzm/


  • The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

    • ‘Like other iconoclastic movements, organized transhumanism attracts its share of sheer goofiness.’
    • ‘So easy to launch ourselves into a disembodied transhumanism and to completely disrespect our bodies.’
    • ‘As for objections to transhumanism, I don't really have any on a personal level.’
    • ‘And far be it from me to say I know better than an Oxford philosopher, but transhumanism really weirds me out.’
    • ‘The goal of transhumanism is to surpass our current biological limitations, whether they be life span, physical beauty, or the capabilities of our brain. "’
    • ‘One obstacle to discussion is that transhumanism is not just a philosophy; it is also a grassroots movement.’
    • ‘So transhumanism does not even have to present itself as an ideology — it can immediately enter the room of the ruler.’
    • ‘They cannot cope with the rise of religious fundamentalism, nor with the victory of global capitalism, its technologies and its ideological avant-garde: transhumanism.’
    • ‘He is the author of several books on health, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and technological singularity.’
    • ‘Right now, the only people thinking about transhumanism are futurists, ethicists (such as Fukuyama) and researchers.’
    • ‘It's quite disillusioning to see that an alleged expert in transhumanism like Kurzweil has such a fragile grasp on the actual science required for those processes.’
    • ‘Most of them live in California, their passions are life extension, body sculpting, cryonics, smart drinks, funny handshakes, and a new philosophy they call ' transhumanism '.’
    • ‘" The ethical implications of nanotechnology are great, but even more troubling is the philosophy of some of its proponents, who subscribe to transhumanism.’
    • ‘Despite these differences, I still see a lot of good in transhumanism, and I feel no shame in considering myself to be one.’
    • ‘What makes transhumanism so strong is its embedding, its deep penetration, in the infrastructure and software.’
    • ‘Others contend that transhumanism threatens humanity's very nature.’
    • ‘These topics were the subject of a conference at Yale on transhumanism and ethics.’
    • ‘Project Natal will, quite possibly, be the next step on the road to transhumanism and further demonstrate our decadent desire to get away from the real world.’
    • ‘From a purely capitalist point of view, one virtue of transhumanism is that it incorporates both body and mind into the continuous upgrade cycle that characterizes contemporary consumption patterns.’
    • ‘A lot of it is based on my own worldview, but the bulk of it is centered on singularitarian philosophy, which is basically an offshoot of transhumanism & posthumanism.’



/tranzˈhyo͞omənizm/ /trænzˈhjumənɪzm/