Definition of transistorize in English:


transitive verb

(also British transistorise)
[with object]
  • Design or make with transistors rather than vacuum tubes.

    ‘he was the first to transistorize the radio’
    • ‘There are probably fewer professional live musicians than there would be if we had never enjoyed radios, jukeboxes, transistorized stereos, or computerized file sharing.’
    • ‘The transistorized gravity-strain amplifier derives power from the gravitational field manipulation of positrons.’
    • ‘Radio became such an important and sought-after commodity that its development soon went from huge pieces of furniture for indoors to little transistorised ornaments to fit in one's pocket.’
    • ‘I must have a strange view of government, because I never realised that we paid taxes for the privilege of being lied to by the transistorised apparatchiks of the People's Party.’



/tranˈzistəˌrīz/ /trænˈzɪstəˌraɪz/