Definition of transition region in English:

transition region


  • 1A region where the characteristics of one adjacent section or division give way to those of another, sometimes exhibiting features of both.

  • 2Specifically. Botany. The region in a plant axis where the structures of the root meet those of the shoot or stem.

  • 3Astronomy
    The thin layer of the sun's atmosphere between the chromosphere and the corona, produced by heat flowing from the latter into the former.

  • 4The region between the passband and stopband in the frequency response of a filter.

  • 5Electronics
    In a semiconductor device: the junction between an N-type and P-type semiconductor.


transition region

/tranˈzɪʃn ˌriːdʒ(ə)n/ /trɑːnˈzɪʃn ˌriːdʒ(ə)n/ /tranˈsɪʃn ˌriːdʒ(ə)n/


Early 19th century. From transition + region.