Definition of transitivity in English:



See transitive

‘I especially like the discussions of behavioral economics, transitivity, endowment effects, and the like.’
  • ‘Strengthening is a special case of transitivity, in which the missing premise is a tautology: if C & A then A; if A, B; so if C & A, B.’
  • ‘One can determine to what degree cliques are present by measuring the amount of clustering, also sometimes referred to as transitivity.’
  • ‘You can't have a classification without an equivalence relation, and one of the three defining properties of an equivalence relation is transitivity.’
  • ‘As children solidly learn the transitivity status of particular verbs, they become more reluctant to use those verbs in other argument structure constructions.’



/ˌtranzəˈtivədē/ /ˌtrænzəˈtɪvədi/ /ˌtran(t)səˈtivədē/ /ˌtræn(t)səˈtɪvədi/