Definition of transitorily in English:



See transitory

‘However, strategist that he was, he chose to try to build for the future rather than satisfy the urge to tear at the transitorily entrenched.’
  • ‘The obvious ability for the transitorily poor to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps means that policy interventions on their behalf are not needed.’
  • ‘Peritoneal transport in peritoneal dialysis patients is not affected by transitorily successful renal transplantation.’
  • ‘The direction thus becomes transitorily the absolute energy minimum.’



/ˈtranzəˌtôrəlē/ /ˈtrænzəˌtɔrəli/ /ˈtran(t)səˌtôrəlē/ /ˈtræn(t)səˌtɔrəli/