Definition of transitoriness in English:



See transitory

‘A sense of the mutability and transitoriness of the world is intensified by the departures, behind the wall, of a sailing ship and a steam-train.’
  • ‘At the same time, dance places this experience of identity in motion so that the dancing body comprehends the transitoriness of each moment and its changing relation to the flux of the world.’
  • ‘There's something that collectors alone appreciate, about the transitoriness of life, of the fragile miracle of ownership, and of the sense of bequeathing something to posterity.’
  • ‘Gates, cars, rabbit carcasses are all markers of transitoriness.’
  • ‘The transitoriness of life, introspection and spiritual pursuits, are his eternal themes.’
  • ‘Most of the works on show have this unified tone of transitoriness and uncertainty.’



/ˈtranzəˌtôrēnəs/ /ˈtrænzəˌtɔrinəs/ /ˈtran(t)səˌtôrēnəs/ /ˈtræn(t)səˌtɔrinəs/