Definition of transketolase in English:



  • An enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of an alcohol group between sugar molecules.

    ‘We also observed an increase in the levels of transketolase, an enzyme that is involved in glucose metabolism, although not being a part of the glycolytic pathway.’
    • ‘We also observed that the allergic inflammation results in increases in transketolase, an enzyme that previously has been suggested to be upregulated by hypoxia.’
    • ‘While enzyme activities of the transketolase in red can be assayed, this is rarely necessary in view of clinical and MRI findings.’
    • ‘Thiamine deficiency has been documented in 38 percent of a sample of 37 anorexics using erythrocyte transketolase activation.’
    • ‘An opposite tendency was observed for genes of the second group, which were repressed in control embryos and included a transketolase, a fructokinase, and an aconitase hydratase.’



/tranzˈkēdəˌlāz/ /trænzˈkidəˌleɪz/ /tran(t)sˈkēdəˌlāz/ /træn(t)sˈkidəˌleɪz/