Definition of transmittance in English:



  • The ratio of the light energy falling on a body to that transmitted through it.

    ‘Designed for spectral analysis of microscopic samples as small as 1 mm, the instrument can measure by transmittance, absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence, and polarization.’
    • ‘The apparatus determines the transmittance of light through the sample leaf at two wavelengths.’
    • ‘To compute the transmittance, the direct incident radiation has to be measured in a fixed position, which can be done in a small canopy gap because of the reduced viewing angle of the sensor.’
    • ‘Standard curves established for each stock suspension showed that light transmittance at the characteristic wavelength was inversely proportional to the concentration of gold colloid.’
    • ‘A series of spectral data acquired were first background subtracted, and then corrected for emission filter transmittances.’



/ˌtranzˈmitns/ /ˌtrænzˈmɪtns/ /ˌtran(t)sˈmitns/ /ˌtræn(t)sˈmɪtns/