Definition of transmutability in English:



See transmute

‘A similar transmutability of energy into information, and vice versa, although somewhat more subtle, may well drive 21st Century science and many of its applications.’
  • ‘As such, even the his claim to have renounced the power of alchemy is still locked into its rhetorical presumption of the transmutability of self and world.’
  • ‘These questions point to the fluidity and transmutability of the questions we deal with as we re-imagine, re-read, re-tell and re-write the human record.’
  • ‘Creation Science rejects almost all of modern science including the idea of old earth, the Big Bang, and transmutability of species.’
  • ‘I am also fascinated with the transmutability of digital information; the way that visuals can become sonic material and vice versa.’



/tranzˌmyo͞odəˈbilədē/ /trænzˌmjudəˈbɪlədi/ /tran(t)sˌmyo͞odəˈbilədē/ /træn(t)sˌmjudəˈbɪlədi/