Definition of transnational in English:


Pronunciation /tranzˈnaSH(ə)n(ə)l/ /trænzˈnæʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /tran(t)sˈnaSH(ə)n(ə)l/ /træn(t)sˈnæʃ(ə)n(ə)l/

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  • Extending or operating across national boundaries.

    ‘transnational advertising agencies’
    • ‘Both inwardly and outwardly, growing instability infected national and transnational politics.’
    • ‘The maquiladora sector is governed by a slew of local, national and transnational laws.’
    • ‘In the current national military strategy, transnational threats are of prime importance.’
    • ‘As we will see, this changing identity has both national and transnational dimensions.’
    • ‘The bureaucratic boundaries of the nation-state complicate intimate transnational exchange.’
    • ‘The main drivers of change are now transnational corporations rather than national governments.’
    • ‘This is nation states versus transnational terrorist organizations.’
    • ‘This is a world of interdependence, in which nation-states are subordinated to transnational authorities.’
    • ‘It's about upholding national sovereignty in the face of fancy, transnational treaties, like the Human Rights Act.’
    • ‘First, the organization operates at a transnational level from London.’
    • ‘Of course, it is true that it is difficult for one nation to solve a transnational problem.’
    • ‘What types of transnational actors can be based on national groups?’
    • ‘The fibre supply was now tightly committed to the operations of three large transnational pulp and paper corporations.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the Department of Justice said the convention was an important instrument in combating transnational crime.’
    • ‘Plainly, the US dominates these institutions, as it dominates other transnational bodies.’
    • ‘Some adjustment will be required, as prior rules and procedures are adapted to a new kind of transnational conflict.’
    • ‘Extradition, as a tool to combat transnational crime, particularly terrorism, is always a controversial issue.’
    • ‘Pluralists consider non-state actors very important entities, having transnational impact.’
    • ‘It negated such emotive factors as transnational religious feeling.’


  • A large company operating internationally; a multinational.

    ‘It goes beyond the CEOs of big transnationals in manufacturing, services and finance.’
    • ‘In spite of the complexities of spanning the globe and a sluggish economic environment, most of these tech transnationals have been delivering outstanding financial results.’
    • ‘Just a handful of transnationals, local corporations and narrow sections of educated middle-class employees.’
    • ‘For the tech industry's transnationals, the biggest challenges lie in bridging the gaps created by time, space, and cultures.’
    • ‘Foreign companies have been welcomed, and privatized farms are ditching Soviet-era cotton production for lucrative tobacco contracts with transnationals.’
    • ‘The response of all the transnationals is one of mergers, corporate restructuring and downsizing, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs worldwide.’
    • ‘Chinese subsidiaries of major transnationals will also be able to compete directly against local producers in such areas as banking, insurance, telecommunications and petrochemical industries.’
    • ‘A graphic example of how the profit hierarchy is dominated by major transnationals is the production of personal computers, China's second largest export item after garments.’
    • ‘Imported milk is dumped in Ecuador for half of what it costs to produce it, but transnationals sell it back to us at US $1.80 per litre.’
    • ‘For all those who believe that it is impossible to live without the products of transnationals, this film will serve as a challenge.’
    • ‘Across Australia, tens of thousands of smaller farmers have been driven off the land over the past two decades, their properties absorbed by agricultural transnationals and wealthier farmers.’
    • ‘Critics of the deal charge that it will yield super-profits for energy transnationals and enrich a small group of local businessmen, while robbing Bolivia of its most valuable natural resource.’
    • ‘Along with other foreign transnationals they had won lucrative contracts to build new coal-fired power plants in energy-hungry Thailand.’
    • ‘The transnationals can't be bothered supplying such a poor market.’
    • ‘These states, most notably those that host the major tobacco transnationals, seem happy to stand by as their companies peddle death elsewhere.’
    • ‘Should we know if the people advising government to liquidate our public assets also work as agents for foreign transnationals?’
    • ‘The transnationals know that their activities are safe from public scrutiny and legal challenge.’
    • ‘It aims to secure the interests of American-controlled transnationals before rival powers are sufficiently strong to challenge the US.’
    • ‘I still want to know how transnationals can be trusted.’
    • ‘In the past, unemployed workers have pressured oil transnationals to lower the price of propane for the unemployed.’