Definition of transparence in English:



rare term for transparency (sense 1)
‘Octopus and cuttlefish change the colors and texture of their skins to match the surfaces over which they travel; a jellyfish hides in its own transparence.’
  • ‘The transparence is achieved through double exposure.’
  • ‘Designers use floral in monotones with unusual checks and stripes, silky and lustrous finishes, transparence and illusion placements with a hint of skin in the collection.’
  • ‘Promoting good governance, transparence and accountability involves putting in place mechanisms that enhance and guarantee the quality of public services.’
  • ‘In this case, one needs to find the optimal thickness for the crystal that minimally compromises on diffracting volume on the one hand and transparence on the other.’



/tran(t)ˈsperəns/ /træn(t)ˈspɛrəns/