Definición de transpicuous en Inglés


Pronunciación /tranˈspikyo͞oəs/ /trænˈspɪkjuəs/


  • 1marginal Transparent.

    ‘A transpicuous thermoplastic, such as a copolymer of styrene and acrylonitrile, is highly suitable.’
    • ‘In order that the transparent material be transpicuous, the transparent material is preferably a transparent plastic or a transparent glass.’
    semi-transparent, pellucid, diaphanous, colourless, glassy, glasslike, gossamer, clear, crystalline, see-through, limpid, transparent
    1. 1.1Easily understood, lucid.
      ‘Don't try to impress someone by thesaurusizing your email with terms you wouldn't use in person - it sounds diaphanous, limpid, and transpicuous.’
      • ‘In her current body of work, the site of memory revisited becomes transpicuous with every visit.’
      • ‘These arrests will be spun as transpicuous proof that said officials are on the ball, keeping us safe.’
      • ‘But some forms of truth are less transpicuous than others, thus the reason uninformed and uneducated people are so easily misled.’
      • ‘The illustration of the attitude of son to parent is so transpicuous in the Oedipus legend, that the group of mental processes concerned is generally known as the ‘Oedipus-complex.’’


Mid 17th century from modern Latin transpicuus (from Latin transpicere ‘look through’) + -ous.