Definition of transposon in English:



  • A chromosomal segment that can undergo transposition, especially a segment of bacterial DNA that can be translocated as a whole between chromosomal, phage, and plasmid DNA in the absence of a complementary sequence in the host DNA.

    Also called jumping gene

    ‘In fact, in evolutionary terms, it is likely that such sequences have been more successful as transposons than as host genes.’
    • ‘Thus we were able to clone the DNA sequence that flanked the transposon insertion using plasmid rescue.’
    • ‘Several DNA sequences that show sequence similarity to transposons were isolated from these sex chromosomes.’
    • ‘To me however, the most interesting components of junk DNA are the mobile genetic elements, also called jumping genes or transposons.’
    • ‘The DNA transposons resemble typical bacterial transposons, they have terminal inverted repeats which enclose the transposase gene.’



/tran(t)sˈpōˌzän/ /træn(t)sˈpoʊˌzɑn/


1970s from transposition+ -on.