Definition of transsexualism in English:


(also transexualism)

Pronunciation /tran(t)(s)ˈsekSH(o͞o)əˌlizəm/ /træn(t)(s)ˈsɛkʃ(u)əˌlɪzəm/


See transsexual

‘There is a stigma that transsexualism is a lifestyle choice.’
  • ‘So much has changed in the treatment of transsexualism.’
  • ‘I am also taking pains to distinguish crossdressing from transsexualism.’
  • ‘Thing is, gender fluidity, transgenderism and transsexualism are facts of life today.’
  • ‘Then last year, the European parliament adopted a resolution calling on WHO to change its definition of transsexualism.’