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transitive verbtransitive verb transships, transitive verb transshipping, transitive verb transshipped

(also tranship)
[with object]
  • Transfer (cargo) from one ship or other form of transport to another.

    ‘they had to transship the blocks by crane to chartered boats’
    • ‘This time, the concept was to co-opt the Mozambique railways and pipeline company - in return for financial compensation, they would agree not to tranship oil to Rhodesia.’
    • ‘While there had always been freight delivered by ship, it had to be transhipped, largely by hand.’
    • ‘That person would not arrange for it to be trans-shipped out; it would be left on the ship.’
    • ‘You would have to trans-ship the sheep from the large ship that they're on now, to barges.’
    • ‘Nobody knows at this point whether they are the cargo owners, the cargo people bringing it in and transhipping it on, or the carrier; that has yet to be defined.’
    • ‘And almost all of India's exports are transhipped through the Colombo port in Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘Up to two-thirds of the container cargo handled in Singapore was trans-shipped, meaning that goods arrived in Singapore and were transported to another destination by another vessel.’
    • ‘The prefabricated materials would then be transhipped to the United Kingdom, where they would be sent to assembly facilities in disused Lancashire cotton factories.’
    • ‘Some 52 of them were trans-shipped in the SS Taupo to New Plymouth.’
    • ‘The governor of New South Wales in 1792 sent George III the first kangaroo to be trans-shipped.’
    • ‘US customs officials were aware Chinese exporters transhipped products, including bedroom furniture, through third countries to avoid duties and controls.’
    • ‘We then tranship the goods southwards to Felixstowe and Southampton.’
    • ‘The focus on direct bilateral trade also hides the fact that goods can be and are trans-shipped through third countries.’
    • ‘In practice, though, this object was not realised, since the town's flour mill was content to rely on grain transhipped from Liverpool together with top-up cargoes from Ireland.’
    • ‘Horse mackerel is frozen whole at sea, transhipped to reefer vessel on the high seas, and taken directly to its traditional markets in central and west Africa.’
    • ‘The economy relies on transit, transhipping, and banking to earn foreign currency.’
    • ‘European ships, bound for the slave coast of Africa, brimmed not simply with produce from their home towns, their hinterland and from Europe, but also with goods transhipped from Asia.’
    • ‘Here they would be sold and transhipped for transport by river or sea to other markets, within the province or to more remote destinations.’
    • ‘She subsequently was given permission to trans-ship to New Zealand, where she appealed against her fate for eight months before finally being allowed to enter Australia.’
    • ‘The tolls on transhipped goods could be an important source of income for the government.’



/tran(t)(s)ˈSHip/ /træn(t)(s)ˈʃɪp/