Definition of transuranic in English:



  • (of an element) having a higher atomic number than uranium (92).

    • ‘Berkelium is a transuranic element, with an atomic number of 97 and an atomic mass of 274.0703.’
    • ‘Synthesis of the heavier transuranic elements, as well as of radioisotopes of the natural elements, is sometimes included under the broader umbrella of chemical synthesis.’
    • ‘This is the first record of the production of synthetic elements, known as transuranic elements.’
    • ‘The first genuine transuranic element was discovered at Berkeley, where Edwin McMillan used Lawrence's cyclotron in 1939 to bombard uranium with slow neutrons.’
    • ‘Radon is a naturally occurring colourless, odourless gas that is emitted from rocks containing minerals rich in the transuranic elements.’
    • ‘It finishes with a chronology of metal discoveries through to the transuranic elements.’



/ˌtransjʊˈranɪk/ /ˌtrɑːnsjʊˈranɪk/ /ˌtranzjʊˈranɪk/ /ˌtrɑːnzjʊˈranɪk/