Definition of trap crop in English:

trap crop


  • A crop planted to attract insect pests from another crop, especially one in which the pests fail to survive or reproduce.

    ‘When chinch bugs begin moving from the small grain into the trap crop, apply an insecticide to the trap crop at regular intervals as long as the migration continues.’
    • ‘So next year he plans to plant them outside the orchard as a trap crop.’
    • ‘He's also developed a few specific practices for specific pests, like leaving an uncut strip to serve as a trap crop for leaf hoppers when he swaths his alfalfa.’
    • ‘This field has a fair sized sand-hole in the centre of it, so that area has been used to satisfy the legislative requirement of having a non-transgenic trap crop of 6% of the total area planted.’
    • ‘Her dissertation research focused on the use of wild and weed plant species as trap crops and as habitat for beneficials.’


trap crop

/trap kräp/ /træp krɑp/