Definition of trapezohedron in English:


nounplural noun trapezohedra/-drə/ , plural noun trapezohedrons

  • A solid figure whose faces are trapeziums or trapezoids.

    ‘The rhombic dodecahedron and the common trapezohedron are the most common forms.’
    • ‘You must take the shining trapezohedron and keep it in a safe deposit box, until you are ready to come to Nigeria.’
    • ‘First-generation crystals are rarely noted as minute orange-colored trapezohedra associated with the stratified layers of laumontite and stilbite, discussed below.’
    • ‘The habit of beta quartz crystals is that of simple hexagonal dipyramids; other forms, including the right and left trapezohedra, are not often seen.’
    • ‘The analcime occurs as simple semitransparent trapezohedra to 3.5 cm across that contain cloudy white to brownish-red inclusions.’



/trəˌpēzōˈhēdrən/ /trəˌpizoʊˈhidrən/


Early 19th century from trapezium+ -hedron, on the pattern of words such as polyhedron.